SteelVault: Master your Privacy

The best mobile security app to ease all your privacy worries, with interactive features that let you create folders, take notes, save links and browse privately.

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Get to know the solution for your privacy: SteelVault App

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SteelVault Features

Handpicked features we know you'll love!

Secure folders

The best mobile security solution is one that you never have to think about. Create folders, each with its own lock code (optional), to store all of your photos, work and personal files, bank information and more. With SteelVault, your peace of mind is our gold standard.

Secret notes

Need to keep your notes private? SteelVault allows you to take notes privately, with easy access at any time. Modifying the font and text format is easy, and makes note taking with SteelVault a breeze.

Banking information, passwords, addresses, and more, can all be created and saved in the notes section of SteelVault.


Intruder Alerts

Want proof that your files and information are secure? Get instant intruder alerts with SteelVault's break-in attempt notifications. When a person attempts to hack the app, SteelVault takes a picture of the intruder along with the date stamp, and location coordinates. See who's snooping into your files and never lose control of your information again.

Private Browser & Bookmarks

Finally, true browsing freedom. Even in Incognito, commercial browsers like Chrome, Safari, or Firefox store some browsing activity. Unlike those browsers, SteelVault's browser does not store any history or browsing activity. Custom built for SteelVault, this browser gives you true browsing power and security.

Save any links you need through SteelVault's private bookmark feature.

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